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Photo of a crib

Words that rhyme with -ib

List of words that end with a "ib " sound

A written ad lib.

Ais forAd lib

Ad lib is an abbreviation of the phrase ad libitum, which is Latin meaning "at one's pleasure." When you ad lib you are improvising or making something up without any preparation.
Photo of a bib

Bis forBib

A bib is a garment usually worn by babies. It is worn around your neck and protects the clothes on your chest from getting dirty.

Cis forCrib

A crib is a small bed for a baby to sleep in. Cribs usually have bars on the sides so the baby doesn't fall out and hurt themselves - and the bars also keep older babies from escaping! Cribs are also known as a cot or cradle or an infant bed.
Photo of a boat with a jib

Jis forJib

A jib is a smaller, triangular sail at the front of a sailboat. Some larger sailing ships have more than one jib.
Photo of a pen nib

Nis forNib

A nib is the part of the pen that you put onto paper to write or draw with.

Ris forRibbed

Something is ribbed if it has a raised pattern on it or markings that look a bit like ribs.
Photo of a ribcage

Ris forRibs

Your ribs are the bones that make the shape of your chest and torso. You can see the ribs clearly on a person or animal that is underweight.