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Adjectives that start with W

Adjectives that start with W

Describing words, to help you tell someone else what something is like.
Photo of a warm cat

Wis forWarm

Something is warm if it isn't too hot and it isn't cold either. The cat in the picture is warm and snug in the man's jacket.

Wis forWarped

Warped means that something has been deformed or damaged due to weather, temperature or force.
Photo of waterproof fabric
Something is waterproof if water cannot pass through it or soak into it. The raincoat in the picture is waterproof.
Photo of a container of water
Something is watertight if it can hold a liquid like water without losing any of it. Common things that are watertight include boats, buckets, cups and bottles.

Wis forWeak

Weak means that something or someone is lacking strength, health, or energy/a>. If you're sick, you might feel weak.
Wealthy cat.

Wis forWealthy

Wealthy is another word for rich. If you're wealthy, you have a lot of money.
Something is weathered if it has been damaged by long-term exposure to the weather.

Wis forWeird

Weird describes something or someone that is strange or unusual.

Wis forWet

Something is wet if it is covered with a liquid, like water. When you come out of a shower or bath or if you get caught in the rain, you are wet. If you are very, very wet, you are soaked. The opposite of wet is dry.
Wholesome food.
Wholesome is another word for healthy. Wholesome food is good for your body.