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Photo of a cool glass of water

Words about temperature

Adjectives relating to temperature.

Photo of a chilly day

Cis forChilly

The weather can be described as chilly if it is briskly cold but not too cold. Not to be confused with chili.

Cis forCold

You feel cold when the temperature gets very low. It is cold in winter. The poor man in the picture is very cold, you can almost see him shivering. Ice and the inside of your fridge or freezer is cold. Airconditioners blow cold air during summer to keep you cool.
Photo of a cool drink

Cis forCool

Something is cool if it is comfortably cold. The picture is of a cool drink. Something that is popular, particularly with young people, can also be described as cool.

Fis forFreezing

You would describe the weather as freezing if it is extremely cold.
Photo of a hot grill

His forHot

You feel hot when the temperature gets high. It is hot in summer. Fire is hot, and food or drink that is freshly cooked is hot. It is very painful to touch something that is very hot, and it can leave you with a nasty burn. The picture is of some hamburger patties being cooked on a hot grill.
Photo of tepid tea

Tis forTepid

Something is tepid if it is somewhat warm, but not hot. Another word for tepid is lukewarm.
Photo of a warm cat

Wis forWarm

Something is warm if it isn't too hot and it isn't cold either. The cat in the picture is warm and snug in the man's jacket.