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Photo of a storm.

Words that rhyme with -orm

List of words that end with a "orm " sound

Photo of a dust storm
A very windy storm without much rain can blow a lot of dirt up off the ground and into the air. This is called a dust storm. Sometimes there is so much dust in the air you cannot see very far at all.
Photo of concrete forms

Fis forForm

A form is the shape of something, or a framework made around the edge of an empty space that then is filled to make a shape. The picture is of some forms about to be filled with concrete to make the floor of a building.
A normal machine.

Nis forNorm

Norm is an abbreviation of normal, which means that something is standard, average, or typical. Warm and sunny weather during summer is the norm.

Pis forPerform

You perform something when you do it so other people can watch you. Most performances are done on a stage and watched by an audience.

Pis forPlatform

A platform is a horizontal surface that is raised up higher than what is around it. Platforms are commonly used at train stations so you can get into the train easier, and as a stage.
Photo of a storm

Sis forStorm

When the weather is severe we call it a storm. During a storm there is usually strong wind, thunder and lightning, heavy rain or snow and sometimes hail.
Photo of a swarm of bees

Sis forSwarm

A large group of insects is called a swarm.
Photo of a woman wearing a naval uniform

Uis forUniform

Something is uniform if it is the same everywhere. A wall that is all one color might be described as being a uniform shade of green. A uniform is also the name given to the clothing all people in an organisation have to wear so they all look similar. People in the military wear uniforms, and many schools require that children wear uniforms. Uniforms for men and women are often quite different, even in the same organisation.
Photo of a warm cat

Wis forWarm

Something is warm if it isn't too hot and it isn't cold either. The cat in the picture is warm and snug in the man's jacket.