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Photo of thumbs.

Words that rhyme with -um

List of words that end with a "um " sound

Photo of an alum block

Ais forAlum

Alum could refer to either a specific mineral, or a general class of similar ones. ( /?æl?m/) is both a specific chemical compound and a class of chemical compounds. The mineral usually referred to as alum is hydrated potassium aluminium sulfate. Alum is an effective blood coagulant, and used to be sold in blocks as part of shaving kits. You use it to stop shaving cuts from bleeding.
Photo of aluminum
Aluminium, also spelt aluminum, is the most common metal in the world, and the third most common element (after oxygen and silicon). It is durable and lightweight, and is a very important metal for making planes out of. Aluminium is highly reactive and you cannot find pure aluminium in the same way you can find pure gold or copper, so it was once considered a rare precious metal. It is a very energy intensive process to refine aluminium. Aluminium is used for building (particularly frames for doors and windows) and vehicle construction, household aluminium foil, masts on ships, walking sticks, and lots of household utensils and appliances.

Ais forAlyssum

Scientific name: lobularia maritima
Alyssum is a small, annual plant that grows to about 20cm high. It is sometimes known as sweet alyssum or sweet Alison. It flowers for most of the year, and makes a pretty ground cover. It has bundles of tiny flowers in shades of white, purple and pink. Alyssum copes well with heat, drought and frost and is a very hardy cottage garden plant.

Ais forAutumn

Autumn, or fall, is when plants and animals get ready for winter. Autumn comes after summer. In some parts of the world, Plants lose their leaves during autumn.
Photo of the Belgian flag

Bis forBelgium

Belgium is a country in western Europe. The capital of Belgium is Brussels. People in Belgium speak Dutch, French and German.
Photo of capsicums

Cis forCapsicum

Scientific name: capsicum annuum
The capsicum or bell pepper is a medium sized fruit that ranges in colour from green to yellow to red. Unlike their cousins the chili, bell peppers are mild and sweet and are often eaten raw in salads, or cooked on pizza.
Chewing gum
Chewing gum is a type of candy, available in a variety of flavors including sweet, sour, and spicy. Chewing gum is designed to be chewed continuously instead of being swallowed. Many people enjoy blowing bubbles while chewing gum.

Cis forColumn

A column is a tall, straight pillar that is typically made of stone used to support a building or other heavy structure.

Cis forCome

You come to someone or somewhere when you leave the place you are now and move to the other person. The dog in the picture is coming to his owner. The opposite of come is go. The past tense of come is came.
Photo of crumbs on a plate

Cis forCrumb

Crumbs are small pieces of food. They usually break off from something crumbly, like bread or cake.