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Photo of an ultrasound

Words that rhyme with -ound

List of words that end with a "ound " sound

Photo of an afghan hound
Afghan hounds are a large, slim dog with a long, silky coat that gives them a very distinctive appearance. They are a very old breed from the mountains of Afghanistan, developed to find hares and gazelles. They are an independant dog, and are not easily trained. Even when trained, they aren't always obedient and will ignore commands they don't feel like obeying.
Photo of a dog wearing a scarf

Ais forAround

Around is in a circular way. The dog in the picture has a scarf around his neck.
Photo of a basset hound
Basset hounds are dogs with very short legs. They were bred as scent hounds, to track rabbits by smell. Basset hounds are white with coloured patches.
Photo of browned cookies

Bis forBrowned

Something is browned if it develops a brownish tint as it is baked. Browning is the very first stages of something being burnt, and usually means that the food is just cooked enough.

Fis forFound

Found is the past tense of find. The children in the picture have found a snail. The opposite of found is lost.
Photo of a greyhound.
Greyhounds are a type of dog that are bred for chasing game and racing. They have very short hair and a slim, muscular build with a deep chest. They are intelligent dogs and are becoming popular as family pets.

Gis forGround

The ground is the part of the world you stand on. When you talk about the ground, you usually mean the ground outside. Ground is usually made from dirt and often has grass growing on it. Ground is also the past tense of grind.
Photo of an Irish Wolfhound
Irish wolfhounds are the tallest breed of dog, although some Great Danes may stand a little taller. They have a short life expectancy of around 6 and a half years. The breed is thousands of years old and was originally developed to hunt wolves. Despite their size they are not an overly energetic dog, but still need regular exercise.
Photo of a mound

Mis forMound

A mound is a raised part of the ground that is larger than a pile of dirt but smaller than a hill. Mounds can be naturally occurring, but most of the time mounds are made by people piling up some dirt. Burial mounds were used by some civilizations to mark the place of a grave. Mounds can also be used to describe a large pile of something that isn't dirt. For example, you might have a mound of paperwork or a mound of laundry.
Photo of a playground
A playground is an area especially designed for children to play in. Playgrounds are full of brightly colored play equipment, such as swings and slides.