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Photo of a woman wearing a necklace

Types of jewelry

Pretty things you wear.

Bis forBracelet

A bracelet is something pretty that you wear around your wrist.
Photo of a woman wearing a silver brooch

Bis forBrooch

A brooch is a piece of jewelry that is designed to be attached to your clothes. Brooches are usually worn on your chest, off to one side. They are usually made from metal, particularly the clip that attaches to the clothing, with decorations on the brooch that can be made from virtually anything.
Photo of a woman wearing a circlet

Cis forCirclet

A circlet is a circle-shaped ornament, usually worn on your head.
Photo of a coronet

Cis forCoronet

A coronet is a small crown, worn by nobles. A coronet is similar to a tiara or a circlet.
Photo of a doll wearing a crown.

Cis forCrown

A crown is something that royalty and deities wear on their heads. Crowns are used to signify that the wearer is someone special, and might hold special power. Crowns are usually made from precious metal and are studded with jewels, but they can be also made from simpler materials like wood, flowers or leaves.
Photo of some silver cufflinks.

Cis forCufflink

Cufflinks are used to hold closed the cuffs of dress shirts. Shirts that are designed to be used for cufflinks have two buttonholes. Cufflinks are effectively two buttons, held together with a short piece of chain or a short rod. Today, shirts that need cufflinks are usually only worn on special occasions.
Photo of a woman wearing earrings

Eis forEarring

Earrings are pieces of jewelry you wear either clipped to your ears or hooked through a hole in your ears. Traditionally, more women than men wear earrings.
Photo of some enamel jewelery

Eis forEnamel

Enamelling is a technique involving melting coloured glass onto a surface by heating it at a very high temperature in a kiln. Enamal is used to decorate jewellery, vases and to put a coloured layer on common items like saucepans.
Photo of jewels

Jis forJewel

A jewel is a cut and polished gemstone, either precious or semi-precious, that can be used to make jewelry. Another word for a jewel is a gem.
Photo of a pearl necklace.

Nis forNecklace

A necklace is a pretty piece of jewellery that is worn around the neck. Necklaces are usually made of chain, or a string threaded with beads. Sometimes a pretty pendant is hung from the necklace.