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Photo of ink.

Words that rhyme with -ink

List of words that end with a "ink " sound

Photo of a man blinking

Bis forBlink

You blink when you briefly close both of your eyes at the same time. You blink to keep your eyes wet with tears and to keep them clean. Quite often people blink when a camera flash goes off, so they look like they have their eyes closed in the photo.
Photo of the brink of a cliff

Bis forBrink

A brink is the edge of a steep drop, such as the brink of a cliff. Brink might also describe a point of change, for example "she was on the brink of a big discovery".
Photo of clinking glasses

Cis forClink

A clink is the light, high-pitched ringing noise that is made when you lightly hit glass or thin pieces of metal. Clink can also be used as a verb; the people in the picture are clinking their glasses together.
Photo of some silver cufflinks.

Cis forCufflink

Cufflinks are used to hold closed the cuffs of dress shirts. Shirts that are designed to be used for cufflinks have two buttonholes. Cufflinks are effectively two buttons, held together with a short piece of chain or a short rod. Today, shirts that need cufflinks are usually only worn on special occasions.

Dis forDrink

When you are thirsty, you need to drink something. You can drink things like water, milk or juice.
Photo of a dodo

Eis forExtinct

A plant or animal is extinct if there are no more of them alive anywhere in the world. You can only see extinct animals in books, or stuffed in a museum like the dodo in the picture. Today, animals usually become extinct because people cut down all the trees and plants in the area where they live and they have nothing left to eat, or because people introduce a strange new animal that either eats them all so there are none left, or eats all their food and there is nothing left for them to eat.
Photo of a pot of ink

Iis forInk

Ink is a coloured liquid that is used to paint or draw on something with. Ink comes in lots of colours, but the colours used most for writing are black and blue.
Photo of a chain link

Lis forLink

A link is something that connects two things together somehow. A link is also one piece of a chain.
Photo of an American mink

Mis forMink

Scientific name: neovison vison (American mink) and mustela lutreola (European Mink)
Mink are a small, dark brown member of the weasel family. Their coat is thick and glossy and has been used for making fur coats from. Mink like to live around water, and eat fish, crayfish, rabbits and water birds.
Photo of a pink car

Pis forPink

Pink is a colour most often seen on flowers. You can make pink by mixing red and white paint. The car in the picture is pink.