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Photo of a pool

Words that rhyme with -ool

List of words that end with a "ool " sound

Photo of a cool drink

Cis forCool

Something is cool if it is comfortably cold. The picture is of a cool drink. Something that is popular, particularly with young people, can also be described as cool.

Dis forDrool

Drool is another word for saliva, especially when it is dripping from your mouth. You can often see dogs and babies drooling.

Dis forDual

Dual is anything relating to two things. The picture is of a dual monitor setup.
Photo of two people having a duel

Dis forDuel

A duel is a fight between two people that are both using the same or similar weapons. Duels were once a formal way of settling a disagreement or as payback for an insult. Duels often had rules of conduct, and duels happened between two people of equal social status, usually gentlemen or upper class men. A duel is not the same as dual.
Photo of a foot stool
A footstool or footrest is a small piece of furniture designed for you to rest your feet on, usually while you are relaxing on a sofa.
Photo of firewood

Fis forFuel

Fuel is something that can be turned into energy. Firewood, coal and gasoline are all fuels that can be burnt to produce fire and heat. Uranium is fuel in a nuclear reactor. Food is fuel for people.
Photo of oil globules

Gis forGlobule

Globules are small lumps of something that are almost spherical.

Gis forGranule

Granules are small, rounded pieces of something. They can be made by grinding something down into smaller pieces or more commonly by building them up from clumping much smaller ones together. The granules in the picture are coffee granules.
Photo of jewels

Jis forJewel

A jewel is a cut and polished gemstone, either precious or semi-precious, that can be used to make jewelry. Another word for a jewel is a gem.
Photo of a mule

Mis forMule

A mule is what you get when you cross a male donkey with a female horse. All male mules and most female mules are infertile. Mules make good working animals as they inherit many of the good traits from both donkeys and horses.