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Photo of a tumbleweed

Words that rhyme with -eed

List of words that end with a "eed " sound

Photo of assorted beads.

Bis forBead

A bead is a small, pretty object with a hole through the middle so that many beads can be threaded together to make a chain. Beads can be made of clay, glass, wood, shells, stone, nuts or in fact anything that looks good and might be nice strung together. Beads are usually strung into necklaces or bracelets.
Photo of a bleeding knee

Bis forBleed

You bleed when you lose blood from where it is supposed to be. When you cut yourself, you bleed. A bruise forms when you bleed inside, and the blood makes a dark patch under your skin.

Bis forBreed

Breeding is the process of making offspring, or babies. The cat in the picture has bred, and has a litter of kittens.
Scientific name: class: Chilopoda
Centipedes are crawling creatures with many pairs of legs. They are most active at night time, and hide under things during the day. Centipedes can move very fast, and eat insects. Their bite is poisonous and can be very painful, but isn't strong enough to kill a person. Centipedes are often confused with millipedes.
Photo of a girl feeding a goat

Fis forFeed

You feed someone or something when you give them food. The girl in the picture is feeding a goat. You do not need to feed someone else, you can feed yourself too.
Photo of a pile of money

Gis forGreed

Greed is an excessive desire for material things such as money and possessions. Greed is one of the seven deadly sins.
Photo of someone kneading dough.

Kis forKnead

Kneading is a way of mixing ingredients together to form dough. Kneading warms the dough slightly, and breaks the proteins in the flour down into gluten strands. When dough is kneaded enough it has a smooth, elastic texture. Dough that hasn't been kneaded enough won't rise as well when it is cooking, and will be hard instead of soft and fluffy.
You lead someone or something when you take them somewhere. People usually lead animals by holding one end of a rope that is tied to the animal. The opposite of lead is follow.
Photo of a dog on a lead
A lead is a rope that you attach to the collar or other harness of an animal so you can lead them around. People take their dogs for walks on a lead. You may also be interested in the heavy metal lead.
Photo of a field of flax

Lis forLinseed

Linseed is another name for the flax plant.