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Photo of gold

Words that rhyme with -old

List of words that end with a "old " sound

A blindfold is a piece of cloth that someone else ties over your eyes so you can't see. People are often blindfolded so they can be lead to a surprise without knowing where they are going. Some games require you to be blindfolded, like pin the tail on the donkey. The person in the picture is playing a video game blindfolded.

Cis forCold

You feel cold when the temperature gets very low. It is cold in winter. The poor man in the picture is very cold, you can almost see him shivering. Ice and the inside of your fridge or freezer is cold. Airconditioners blow cold air during summer to keep you cool.
Photo of an emerald pendant

Eis forEmerald

Emeralds are a gemstone quality variant of beryl, made from beryllium aluminium silicate. The deep green colour is from trace amounts of chromium. Emerald tends to be imperfect, with inclusions and fissures so while the pure stone is hard, emeralds are actually quite prone to breaking.
Photo of a man folding clothes.

Fis forFold

You fold something when you bend it over itself neatly. The man in the picture is folding clothes. Folded clothes are neater and take up much less room in the cupboard than unfolded clothes. They will be less wrinkly when you take them out, too.

Gis forGold

Scientific name: Au
Gold is a heavy, soft, yellow metal that is easy to work with. It is the softest metal, and is very dense, much denser than lead. Gold is very stable and is used to coat other more reactive metals to protect them, but its primary use is in jewelery. Pure gold is too soft to make jewelery out of, and is usually mixed with silver, copper and other metals.

His forHold

You hold something when it is securely in your hands. You might also hold something by supporting it, for example "that post is holding the roof up".

Mis forMarigold

Scientific name: genus: tagetes
Marigolds are bright orange or yellow flowers, related to the common daisy. They are very hardy plants that can be planted all year around in a sunny or partly shaded area, and take about 6 weeks to flower. Pinch out the first flower as it appears so the marigold will make more flowers.

Mis forMold

A mold is a hollow form. When you fill up a mold with something like molten metal or plaster, let it set and then remove the mold, you have a solid shape that matches the shape of the inside of the mold. Mold is also an alternative spelling for mould. The mold in the picture is for a small bridal statue of a bride and groom.
Photo of mouldy cheese

Mis forMould

Moulds, also spelt mold, are a kind of very tiny fungus that grow into filaments, or strands. Mould is usually thought of as something that grows on food when it goes off and starts to rot. The picture is of some mouldy cheese.
Photo of an old woman

Ois forOld

Something is old if it has existed for a very long time. Something that is really, really old is called ancient. When people get old they get grey hair and wrinkles.