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Photo of a bouquet of flowers

List of wedding words

Anything related to the marriage process.

Bis forBouquet

A group of flowers gathered together so you can hold them or put them in a vase is called a bouquet, or sometimes just a bunch. Brides often carry a bouquet of flowers when they get married.
Photo of a bride

Bis forBride

A bride is a woman who is about to get married. Her future husband is called the groom.
Photo of a corsage

Cis forCorsage

A corsage is a small bouquet that is worn to one side of your chest, or on your wrist. Corsages are often worn at weddings.
Photo of a groom
A groom is a man who is about to get married. His future wife is called the bride.

His forHusband

A husband is the male of a married couple. The female is his wife.

Mis forMarried

Two people are married if they have been through a wedding ceremony together and have formally become a couple.
Photo of a ring

Ris forRing

A ring is a piece of jewelry that you wear on your finger. Rings can be made out of almost anything, but are usually made from some kind of metal with some kind of stone set into them. The lady in the picture has three rings on her hand. Plain rings are generally worn by a married couple after their wedding.

Wis forWedding

A wedding is a kind of ceremony that joins two people together in marriage, which means they are going to live together as a couple for a long time afterwards. People getting married usually dress up in very nice clothes for the ceremony. They usually have all their family with them for a party afterwards. When two people get married, the woman is called a bride and the man is called a groom.
Photo of a man and wife.

Wis forWife

A wife is the female member of a married couple. The male of the couple is her husband.