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Photo of an envelope.

Words that rhyme with -ope

List of words that end with a "ope " sound

Photo of an eland antelope.

Ais forAntelope

Antelope is a word used for any one of a large group of animals that are related to goats, sheep and cows. Many antelopes look like deer but are actually not closely related - antelopes keep their horns through their lifetime and deer shed their horns every year. The antelope in the picture is an eland.
Photo of a cantaloupe
Scientific name: cucumis melo
Cantaloupe are also called rockmelon, mushmelon, muskmelon or spanspek. They are a medium-sized sweet melon with orange flesh. They are usually cut into pieces and eaten fresh.
Photo of an envelope

Eis forEnvelope

An envelope is a special paper container that you put letters into to send them to other people. It costs money to send a letter. You have to buy a stamp to put on it to send it.

Eis forEurope

Europe is the world's second-smallest continent by area. It is the third-largest by population.
Photo of some African children playing jump rope
Jump rope is a game where you swing a rope around yourself and jump over it as it comes under you. Sometimes two people hold the ends of the rope and one or more other people jump over the rope.
Photo of a microscope
A microscope is a device that that you use to see things that are so small you cannot see them using just your eyes. Microscopes are used to see things like cells that make up larger objects like skin or leaves.
Photo of some rope

Ris forRope

A rope is a very thick, strong piece of string. You use rope for tying big things, like the sails on a yacht, like the rope in the picture. A fun use for rope is a tug 'o war. Rope is usually made from the fibre from coconut shells, or a modern fibre like nylon, twisted together so it is thicker. If you need to tie something that is too big or heavy for ordinary rope, you either need rope made from strands of metal or use some steel chain.

Sis forSlope

Something is sloped if it has an angle some way off horizontal. The car in the picture has been parked on a road with a slope.
Photo of bars of soap and towels.

Sis forSoap

Soap comes in a hard block that you use to wash your hands with. It is good to keep your hands clean as it can stop you from getting sick.
A stethoscope is a device that doctors and nurses use to listen to sounds inside you. Stethoscopes are most often used to listen to your heart beat, or listen to you breathe.