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Photo of a zebra.

African animals

List of African animals.

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Photo of an aardvark.

Ais forAardvark

Scientific name: orycteropus afer
The aardvark is from Africa. It is a very good digger and sleeps during the day and comes out at night to dig. Aardvarks are distantly related to elephants. Aardvarks eat ants and termites. Aardvarks are extremely primitive in their makeup and could be called a living fossil.
Photo of an eland antelope.

Ais forAntelope

Antelope is a word used for any one of a large group of animals that are related to goats, sheep and cows. Many antelopes look like deer but are actually not closely related - antelopes keep their horns through their lifetime and deer shed their horns every year. The antelope in the picture is an eland.

Ais forAss

An ass is another name for a donkey. An ass is also a slang word for your buttocks.
Photo of a baboon.

Bis forBaboon

Scientific name: genus: papio
There are lots of different kinds of baboon. They are a kind of monkey. They live in Africa, on the ground, not in trees. Baboons have long muzzles like dogs, tails, and male baboons often have a mane. Baboons eat mostly plants, fruit and insects, but will also eat fish and small animals.
Photo of an African buffalo

Bis forBuffalo

Scientific name: syncerus caffer
The African buffalo is a type of large cow. It has a bad temperament and has never been domesticated. There are still large herds of buffalo throughout Africa.

Eis forElephant

Elephants are the largest land animals on earth (whales are the largest animal, but they live in the sea). They can live for 70 years. There are two different kinds of elephant, African and Asian (or Indian) elephants. African elephants are larger and have bigger ears. The elephant in the picture is an African elephant.
Photo of a fox.

Fis forFox

Scientific name: family: canidae
Foxes are a small hunting animal, or carnivore, that is found all over the world. They eat smaller animals like rabbits and rats. The most common type of fox is the red fox, as shown in the picture. A female fox is called a vixen.
Photo of Thompson's gazelles

Gis forGazelle

Scientific name: genus: gazella
A gazelle is a type of antelope that lives in the grasslands of Africa. They live in large herds and can run very fast to get away from predators like cheetahs.

Gis forGiraffe

Giraffes are the tallest land animals. They can grow up to 5.5 metres tall, and live for around 20-25 years. They have a black tongue that is around 18 inches long that they can use to strip leaves from trees.
Photo of a hare

His forHare

Scientific name: genus: lepus
A hare, or Jackrabbit, is a small animal that is related to the rabbit. Hares are different from rabbits in several ways. Rabbits live in burrows underground, and hares do not. Rabbits live in groups, and hares do not. Hares are generally larger than rabbits.