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Words starting with A

Words that start with A

Angry anteaters arguing against albino antelopes.

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Ais forAccept

Accept means to approve of or receive something. For example, you can accept or reject a phone call.
Photo of a boy who had an accident on a go kart.

Ais forAccident

An accident is something that happens when you are not expecting it, and that you didn't mean to have happen. The opposite of something happening by accident is happening deliberately, or on purpose.
Photo of a man playing an accordian.
An accordion is an instrument that is played by squeezing it to make air flow through it, so it is sometimes called a squeezebox. It has a keyboard on one side you can play a tune on, and buttons on the other side that you can play preset chords with.
Photo of an accountant
An accountant is someone whose job is to manage other people's professional finances. Accountants will help in getting records into the correct format to transfer them to places like the the taxation department.
Photo of an accusing finger

Ais forAccuse

You accuse someone when you declare that they have done something bad, for example you accuse someone of committing a crime. A similar word to accuse is blame.
Photo of a woman with a headache

Ais forAche

An ache is a dull pain that can take a long time to go away.

Ais forAchieve

Achieve means to complete or accomplish a task or goal successfully. A team works together to achieve more than each member of the team could do individually.
Photo of citric acid

Ais forAcid

Acids are a type of chemical with certain properties. They react with metals and bases. Acids are found in all sorts of everyday things, and are not as dangerous as the industrial grade acids you sometimes see in movies. Many fruits contain acid. Oranges and lemons contain citric acid, which is shown being mixed with water in the picture.

Ais forAcidic

Something is acidic if it can be used as an acid. Many common things are acidic. Lemon and orange juice are quite acidic.

Ais forAcorn

Scientific name: quercus robur
Acorns are the nut of the oak tree. They start green and gradually go brown as they ripen. Squirrels are very fond of acorns.