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Words starting with A

Words that start with A

Angry anteaters arguing against albino antelopes.

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Ais forAbrasive

Something is abrasive if it is used to grind or polish something else. A good example of something that is abrasive is sandpaper.

Ais forAbsent

Absent means something or someone is missing. If you don't go to school, you are absent from class.

Ais forAbsinthe

Absinthe is a very strong liqueur that is made with wormwood and other herbs.

Ais forAbsorb

To absorb means to take in or soak up. Things like sponges are absorbent.

Ais forAbstract

Art is abstract if it has been derived, or abstracted from something real but doesn't bear a close resemblance to what it is supposed to represent, like more traditional art does. Some parts of the art might be recognisable, some exaggerated, some downplayed. Abstract art can be so stylised you can't even recognise what it is, so sometimes when you look at an abstract picture or sculpture you can't tell what it is a picture or sculpture of.
Photo of an abyss

Ais forAbyss

An abyss is a space that you cannot measure how deep it is. It can also be used to refer to anything you cannot measure or comprehend, eg "the abyss of the soul".
Photo of an abyssinian cat.
The Abyssinian is an ancient breed of cat of uncertain origin, from either Egypt or Ethiopia. It is slim, lithe, and has a distinctive flecked (ticked) brown coat, large ears, and a long tail. They are active, intelligent, curious cats. They make good pets, but need constant attention or they get bored and unhappy. They are excellent hunters, so this needs to be taken into consideration if you live near a wildlife reserve and want an Abyssinian as a pet.

Ais forAcademic

Academic describes something that is educational or related to school. If learning and studying are easy for a student, she can be described as academic.

Ais forAcanthus

Scientific name: acanthus mollis
Acanthus, or bear's breeches, is an attractive, hardy ornamental perennial plant that grows to around a metre high. It has big, glossy dark green leaves and a tall flower spike. It often dies down during the drier months. It is extremely hardy and will tolerate heavy frost and heavy drought. It has thick roots, and if you try and dig the plant up it will regrow from any broken roots that are left behind. This makes it very easy to grow new plants from root cuttings or by breaking up a clump.

Ais forAccent

Someone has an accent when they speak if you can tell that they normally speak in a different language to the one they are talking in now. You can also have an accent if you travel to a different area where people speak the same language but in a different way.