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Words starting with B

Words that start with B

Bright blue birds bite bruised bananas.

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Bis forBald

You are bald if you have little or no hair on your head. Some men go bald as they get older, but other people shave off their hair to become bald. The man in the picture is bald, but his dog certainly is not!
Photo of hay bales
A bale is a large bundle of something, usually tightly packed into a regular shape and held together with string. hay and straw are the two most common items that is packed into bales.
Photo of a group of turtles
A group of turtles is called a bale.
Photo of a tennis ball

Bis forBall

A ball is a round object. A person might play with a ball by bouncing it, rolling it, kicking it, hitting it, or throwing it. Some kinds of sports that use balls are soccer, baseball, tennis, and basketball. You might break a window if you throw a ball at it.
Photo of ballerinas dancing
A ballerina is a girl or woman who dances ballet on stage for a living.

Bis forBallet

Ballet is a special kind of dance that was originally from France. Ballet has a lot of technical movements with their own names, like pirouette and battement. Ballet is usually danced to classical music.

Bis forBalloon

A ballon is a small rubber bag that you can fill up with air or helium. Balloons stretch, and can get quite big when they are blown up. Balloons you fill by blowing them up are very common at parties. Helium balloons go up if you let them go, and are fun to play with. Ordinary balloons go down if you let them go, not up.

Bis forBalmy

Balmy describes pleasantly warm weather. If it's a good day to go to the beach, the weather is balmy.
Photo of a balustrade
A balustrade is a kind of fence that usually surrounds stairs or a balcony. A balustrade is made up of a horizontal rail and vertical balusters. Balusters are usually quite decorative.

Bis forBamboo

Scientific name: family: poaceae, subfamily: bambusoideae
Bamboo is the largest kind of grass. There are thousands of different kinds of bamboo, some of which have stalks big enough to build houses from. Bamboo shoots reach their full height within a year, but unlike tree trunks, bamboo stems do not get thicker. The giant panda eats bamboo.