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Words starting with B

Words that start with B

Bright blue birds bite bruised bananas.

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Photo of a badger

Bis forBadger

Scientific name: meles meles (European badger)
Badgers are related to weasels, otters, wolverines and ferrets. They eat small animals and sometimes insects. Badgers come from Europe. They are excellent diggers, and make themselves burrows called setts. A male badger is a boar, a female badger is a sow and a baby badger is a cub. The collective name for a group of badgers is a cete.
Photo of a bag

Bis forBag

A bag is a container with handles that you carry around with you. You can put all sorts of things in a bag, depending on how big it is. School children carry their books in a bag on their back. Women carry lipstick in small bags that they carry in their hands or over one shoulder - usually called handbags. The biggest bag is a suitcase that you pack a lot of your clothes in when you go on holidays.

Bis forBaggy

Baggy means loose or roomy. The woman in the picture is wearing baggy clothes.

Bis forBagpipes

Bagpipes are a musical instrument most people associate with Scotland, although various forms of bagpipes have been played in lots of different countries. Someone who plays bagpipes is called a piper. Bagpipes, as the name suggests, are made from an airtight bag with several pipes attached to it. The pipes are a chanter that you use to play tunes, and one or more drones that make a continuous noise. The piper keeps the bag full of air by blowing into it, and squeezes air out of it with their arm. You can't stop bagpipes from making noise while there is air in the bag.
Photo of a baited fish hook.

Bis forBait

Bait is something, usually food, that is used to attract animals so you can catch them. You can use bait to attract anything that moves. Fish hooks are baited with worms or pieces of smaller fish. mouse traps are baited with cheese or peanut butter.
Photo of muffins baking

Bis forBake

Baking is a way of cooking food with dry heat, usually inside an oven. Baking is very similar to roasting, but generally bread and cakes are baked and meat and vegetables are roasted.
Photo of a baker at work

Bis forBaker

A baker is someone who makes bread and other similar baked products, like cakes and pies. Bakers usually own or work for a bakery.
Photo of the inside of a bakery

Bis forBakery

A bakery is a place where bread, cakes, pies and other baked goods are made and sold.
Photo of a seal balancing a ball on its nose

Bis forBalance

Balancing is the ability to stay still in a situation you'd normally be very wobbly in. For example, you need to balance to stand on a ball, or walk along a tightrope. You can also balance other things other than yourself. You can balance a pen across the end of your finger, or balance a cup on the end of your nose.

Bis forBalcony

A balcony is a small platform that sticks out of the side of a building. There is usually a door that leads out from the inside of the house to the balcony. Balconies are very nice to have in an apartment that doesn't have a yard.