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Words starting with D

Words that start with D

Dashing dentists daintily eat dates while dancing at the disco.

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Photo of a warning sign.

Dis forDanger

When there is danger, something bad could happen to you. There are often warning signs around dangerous things.
Photo of dangling shoes on a power line

Dis forDangle

Something dangles if it is hanging loosely, so that is can move around freely. People often dangle toys for kittens so they will play with them.
Photo of a danish pastry

Dis forDanish

Danish describes anything relating to Denmark, people from Denmark, the language spoken in Denmark and a kind of pastry.
Photo of a dapple grey horse.
A dapple grey horse has white spots surrounded by dark hair, making an attractive pattern. Young horses that are dapple grey often slowly turn white.
Photo of dappled shade

Dis forDappled

Something is dappled when it has patches of a darker or lighter shade of color. Some horses are dapple grey.
Photo of a sign in Dari

Dis forDari

Dari is a modern Persian language, spoken in a number of countries including Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Dis forDark

It is dark when there is not much light and you have trouble seeing anything. It gets dark at night time, or when you close the curtains and shut the light out. The opposite of dark is light or bright. Dark may also be used to describe something that has much deeper colors than something else, or is close to black. The opposite of this kind of dark is pale.
Photo of a dart

Dis forDart

A dart is a small, relatively heavy projectile with a sharp end. Some types of dart like the one in the picture are thrown by hand, other types of dart are fired by blowing them out of a tube with your mouth.
Photo of a dartboard

Dis forDarts

Darts is a game where you throw metal objects with sharp ends called darts at a target. The parts of the target are numbered, and the idea is to hit the parts of the target with the highest numbers.
Scientific name: phoenix dactylifera
Dates are the fruit of the date palm. Dates are about 2 inches long, and very sweet. They are usually sold dried, with their seed removed. Dates are common in Middle Eastern food, and are the main ingredient of sticky date pudding.