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Photo of a whistle.

Words that rhyme with -syl

List of words that end with a "syl " sound

A dress with a bustle.

Bis forBustle

A bustle is gathered fabric at the rear end of a dress, which accentuates the shape of the dress.
Photo of a castle

Cis forCastle

A castle is a large building usually made out of stone. Castles were designed to be very defensive, so the people living inside would be safe from attack. They were usually built as homes for noble families or royal families. Castle design changed over the centuries to keep up with improvements in equipment designed for breaking into castles. After the invention of gunpowder and cannons, castles were no longer so effective against attacks. The building of new castles gradually stopped, and more recent castles are more decorative than defensive. The most recent castles are either replica castles or just very large mansions with some castle features added to them for decoration. The centremost tower in a castle is called a keep, the most secure part of the castle. The ditch around the castle which may or may not be filled with water is called a moat. The top edges of the castle walls are covered by battlements, which were used for archers to hide behind.
Photo of a chisel

Cis forChisel

A chisel has a sharp edge at one end. It is used for carving or cutting something hard like wood, stone, or metal. Chisels are usually used by hitting them on the end of the handle with a hammer to force them into whatever you are trying to cut.

Eis forEasel

An easel is a piece of furniture you use to put paper or a canvas on when you are painting.
Photo of a jigsaw puzzle
A jigsaw puzzle is a picture that has been cut up into lots of little pieces. Then you have to put all the pieces back together to make the picture. The jigsaw pieces are usually cut into special shapes like in the picture, so they fit together tight and stay together as you are working. Jigsaw puzzles usually have between 100 and 2000 pieces, and can take a very long time to put back together.
A mortar and pestle are used together for grinding things down or mashing them into a paste. They are most often used for crushing or grinding herbs for cooking. The bowl-shaped part is the mortar, and the stick you use for grinding things is the pestle. Most mortar and pestles are made of stone, clay or heavy wood.
Photo of a man flexing his muscles

Mis forMuscle

Your muscles are the part of your body that make you move.
Photo of mussels on a rock

Mis forMussel

Mussel is the common name given to a type of long, thin, black clam that is found stuck to rocks in the tidal zone of coastlines. Mussels are collected for food, and can be prepared in a huge number of different ways.

Pis forParcel

A parcel, or package, is something wrapped up to be sent in the mail. The wrapping protects what is in the package from being damaged.

Pis forPretzel

Pretzels are a baked snack dating back to Medieval European times. Today, pretzels come in many shapes and sizes, from small hard ones to big soft ones. Most pretzels are glazed to make them shiny and sprinkled with salt. Pretzels are said to be in the shape of arms praying, and are popular at Easter time.