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Words starting with V

Words that start with V

Vibrant velvety violets vibrating on a violin in Vermont.

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Vis forVole

Scientific name: Family: Cricetidae
A vole is similar to a mouse or small rat. Voles have shorter legs and tails.
Photo of a Volkswagen badge
Volkswagen, often abbreviated to VW, is a car maker based in Germany.
A volunteer is someone who works for free. Volunteers usually help with charity organisations, making meals for disadvantaged people, cleaning up trash, planting trees, or many, many other roles too.
Photo of a Volvo badge

Vis forVolvo

Volvo is a car maker based in Sweden.

Vis forVomit

When you vomit, some of the contents of your stomach comes out through your mouth. Vomit has a lot of acid in it and tastes very bad. Babies vomit a lot when they are young, but they generally grow out of it.

Vis forVote

Voting is a way for a large group of people to come to an agreement about something. Everyone writes their decision on a piece of paper, then all the individual votes are counted up and the majority wins. Most people are familiar with voting for a President or Prime Minister at election time.
Photo of a vulture

Vis forVulture

Scientific name: families: accipitridae (aegypiinae) and cathartidae
The vulture is the common name for a large bird from two families of bird. Vultures don't hunt for food, they eat animals that are already dead. Vultures are found all over the world except Antarctica, Australia and its surrounding islands. Vultures are distinctive for having a bald head. They are related to the condor.