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Adjectives that start with F

Adjectives that start with F

Describing words, to help you tell someone else what something is like.
Photo of a little girl

Fis forFabulous

Something is fabulous if it is outrageously good. Bright, bold clothes are often described as fabulous. The little girl in the picture looks fabulous.
Photo of a faded sign

Fis forFaded

Something is faded if it has lost a lot of its color and just blends into the background, or is no longer as bright as it once was. The sign painted on the building is very faded, and is hard to read. Faded is also the past tense of fade.
Photo of some fake flowers.

Fis forFake

Something is fake if it is not real or genuine. Some fakes are a copy or imitation of the original, like a forgery of a painting or counterfeit money. Many fake things pretend to be real, like mock or fake fur made from polyester instead of real fur made from animal skins. Sometimes you cannot tell the difference between something real and something fake without examining it closely, such as a gold-plated ring and a solid gold ring. The flowers in the picture are fake. Most fakes and imitations are considered to be much less valuable than the real thing.
Photo of false teeth

Fis forFalse

Something is false if it is not true, is not correct, or is wrong. Sometimes an imitation of something real is called false, for example false teeth.

Fis forFamous

Someone or something is famous if a lot of people have heard of them. Famous people are often seen on TV and in movies, while famous places have a lot of people visit them.
Photo of a dog running very fast

Fis forFast

The dog in the picture is running very fast. Other things that move fast are racing cars, planes and some animals. The fastest animal in the world is the cheetah. Another word for fast is quick. The opposite of fast is slow.
Photo of a fat man sitting on a bench

Fis forFat

Someone is fat if they are much larger than they should be. People and animals that are too fat tend to be unhealthy. You usually get fat by eating too much food and not getting enough exercise. The opposite of fat is thin.
Photo of feral cats

Fis forFeral

A feral animal is one that used to be domesticated but has escaped and now lives by itself, without any people to look after it. Many wilderness areas of the world have feral horses, goats and camels. Feral cats and dogs can be found both in wilderness areas and in cities.

Fis forFertile

Something is fertile if it can produce offspring. Land is described as fertile if it can be used to grow vigorous, healthy plants that yield good crops.

Fis forFinn

A Finn is someone from Finland. See also Finnish. Not to be confused with fin.