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Photo of a squirrel

Words that rhyme with -ryl

List of words that end with a "ryl " sound

Photo of barrels

Bis forBarrel

A barrel is a large container made from wood and bound with metal hoops to hold it together. Wooden barrels used to be used for storing and transporting anything that could fit in a barrel, but today they are only used for making and storing wines and spirits.
Scientific name: laurus nobilis
Bay leaves are dried leaves from the bay laurel tree. Bay leaves are used to flavour soups and stews. The flavour of the leaves gets stronger when they are dried. The bay laurel itself can grow into a large tree, but is usually kept in a container and clipped into shapes by topiary. Bay trees like a frost-free area.
Photo of beryl

Bis forBeryl

Beryl is a colorless mineral made up of beryllium aluminium cyclosilicate. It forms hexagonal crystals that can be very large. When beryl has impurities, it can have a coloured tint or be opaque. Coloured beryl has different names - green beryl is called emerald, pale blue beryl is called aquamarine and pink beryl is called morganite.
A cathedral is a very large and elaborate church.
Photo of coral

Cis forCoral

Scientific name: class: anthozoa
Coral are tiny animals that grow together to form huge colonies. Sometimes these colonies are so big we call them reefs. Coral do not move around, they live and die fixed in one place, which is more like a plant than an animal. Coral eat small fish and sea creatures by trapping them as they pass with their stinging tentacles.
Photo of feral cats

Fis forFeral

A feral animal is one that used to be domesticated but has escaped and now lives by itself, without any people to look after it. Many wilderness areas of the world have feral horses, goats and camels. Feral cats and dogs can be found both in wilderness areas and in cities.
Photo of a floral dress

Fis forFloral

Floral is the name for a pattern, usually used on fabric, that is made up of pictures of flowers. Floral prints are very popular on skirts, dresses and on loungeroom furniture.
Photo of a flying squirrel
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Scientific name: tribe: pteromyini
Flying squirrels are a variety of squirrel that has a flap of skin joining its front and back legs. Flying squirrels can spread out this flap like a parachute to glide between trees.
Photo of a funeral

Fis forFuneral

A funeral is a ceremony that happens soon after someone dies. Funeral ceremonies vary between different countries and customs.
Photo of pebbles on a beach

Mis forMineral

Minerals are something naturally occurring, often called rock, stone or if they are to be used for mining, ores. People often break nature into three groups, animal, mineral and vegetable.