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Photo of paper.

Words that rhyme with -per

List of words that end with a "per " sound

Photo of bell peppers
Scientific name: capsicum annuum
The bell pepper is a medium sized fruit that ranges in colour from green to yellow to red. Unlike their cousins the chili, bell peppers are mild and sweet and are often eaten raw in salads, or cooked on pizza. Bell peppers are also called capsicums.
Photo of copper wire

Cis forCopper

Scientific name: Cu
Copper is a common, reddish-coloured metal that is used for electrical wiring, and mixed with other metals into alloys like brass and bronze. Copper is an extremely good conductor of electricity. Oxides of copper are blue and green, and have been used to colour paints and glaze pots for thousands of years.

Dis forDiaper

A diaper, also called a nappy, is a folded piece of cloth worn on the bottom of someone who can't use a toilet. Babies wear diapers before they are potty trained. Cloth nappies are usually held shut by a safety pin.
Photo of a dolphin's flipper

Fis forFlipper

A flipper is an arm, leg or wing of an animal that lives in the sea. Flippers have been adapted for swimming and look very much like fish fins. Flippers can be seen on animals like whales, dolphins, seals and penguins.
Scientific name: suborder: caelifera
A grasshopper is an insect with long back legs. They can jump a very long way, but they also have wings so they seem to jump many metres but are actually flying. They rub their back legs together sometimes to make a very high noise.
Photo of a picnic hamper

His forHamper

A hamper is a type of basket, usually with a lid, for storing things in. The picture is of a picnic hamper. Another kind of common hamper is a laundry hamper, for putting dirty clothes in. Hamper might also mean to hinder.

Jis forJasper

Jasper is an opaque silicate that can be virtually any color. It is often used for making jewelry. Some colours are more valuable than others - the jasper in the picture is red jasper.

Jis forJuniper

Scientific name: genus: juniperus
Junipers are conifers in the cypress family. Junipers range in size from small shrubs to large trees. They are very popular as bonsai plants. Some kinds of juniper have aromatic edible berries that are used as a flavoring for drinks such as gin.
Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia. It has a population of about 7.2 million.
Photo of peppercorns

Pis forPepper

Scientific name: piper nigrum
Peppercorns are the fruit and seeds of a vine native to India. The fruit is very small and only has one seed, and a thin layer of flesh around the outside. Peppercorns are dried and sold as pepper, either whole or ground up into small flakes or a powder. Pepper is usually sold in white and black. White pepper is made from just the seeds of the pepper fruit, and black pepper is made from the whole fruit, seed and all.