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Photo of a bear.

Words that rhyme with -are

List of words that end with a "are " sound

Ais forAffair

An affair is when you have a short romantic relationship with someone, often as an aside from a regular longer term relationship like a marriage.
Photo of air

Ais forAir

The gases around you every day, inside or outside, is called the air. You need to breathe air to stay alive.

Bis forBare

Bare is another word for naked or unclothed. If you're not wearing shoes or socks, you have bare feet.

Bis forBear

Scientific name: family: ursidae
Bears come in many shapes and sizes. They are generally brown with shaggy fur and large claws. They are very strong, and use their claws to dig for roots or rip open termite nests and beehives. Bears can stand on their hind legs.
Beware of edge!

Bis forBeware

Beware means to be careful or cautious of something. Beware can also be used as a word to warn others to be alert in a potentially dangerous area.
A billionaire is someone who has more than a billion dollars, or $1,000,000,000.

Bis forBlare

Something blares if it makes a continuous, loud, and somewhat unpleasant noise. For example, "the loudspeaker was blaring music all day".
Photo of a british shorthair
British shorthairs are cats with thick fur and very rounded features. They are big, heavy and stocky. They come in a variety of colors but the blue colour in the picture is the most popular. They are easygoing and make good indoor cats.
Photo of a chair

Cis forChair

A chair is a piece of furniture that you sit on. A chair is only supposed to fit one person, a chair that fits more is usually called a bench. Most chairs are made out of wood. The chair in the photo is made from metal.

Cis forClaire

Claire is a Latin name for girls. Claire means "bright." The woman in the picture is actress Claire Danes.