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Photo of a saucepan.

List of kitchen items

Things you might find in a kitchen.

Photo of a girl wearing an apron.

Ais forApron

An apron is a garment that is worn over your other clothes to protect them. They are most often worn for cooking and washing dishes, but are used in many other professions as a protective garment. carpenters and butchers are often seen in aprons.
Photo of a can opener
A can opener, or tin opener, is a device used to open cans of food. There are many different styles of can opener, including a simple blade, a small blade and a handle you can turn around, two wheels and a handle to turn them around, and an electric machine that does all the work for you. The first bladed can openers were invented in the 1850s. Single wheel design can openers were invented in 1870 but the two wheeled model - one sharp wheel, one serrated wheel to hold the can - was only invented in 1925.
A chopping board is a portable surface, usually made from wood or plastic, that is used when you are cutting up food so that your kitchen table or benches don't get damaged.
Photo of a cleaver.

Cis forCleaver

A cleaver is a type of knife with a large, rectangular blade. It is mainly used to cut through bone or other hard foods, but can also be used to dice food and to crush things like garlic.
Photo of a colander with spaghetti in it

Cis forColander

A colander is a type of bowl with handles and lots of holes in the bottom. Colanders, sometimes called drainers or strainers, are used to drain water off wet food like freshly cooked pasta or to dry off washed salad ingredients.
Closeup photo of drinking straws
A drinking straw is a small, thin tube that people use to suck drinks out of a glass or cup.
A frying pan, frypan or skillet is a shallow metal pan used for frying food. It usually has one long handle. Frying pans are good for frying bacon and eggs.
Photo of a funnel

Fis forFunnel

A funnel is a tube with a wide opening at one end and a narrow opening at the other. Funnels are usually cone-shaped. Funnels are used for pouring liquids into containers with a small opening, like jars or bottles, so you don't spill anything.
Photo of a grater

Gis forGrater

A grater is a metal device with holes on the sides that have sharp edges. When you scrape food across the holes, small amounts of the food get broken off. Graters are commonly used to grate cheese and carrots and for zesting citrus fruits.

Kis forKettle

A kettle is a container that is used to boil water in. They are designed to be used over a stove or fire, although the more recent electric kettle simply plugs into a power point. Kettles have a spout to pour from and a handle to hold it, very similar to a jug.