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Photo of a saucepan.

List of kitchen items

Things you might find in a kitchen.

Photo of a refrigerator
A refrigerator, or fridge, is an insulated metal box with a special motor in it that keeps the inside of the box cool by exchanging heat from the inside to the outside. Fridges are used to keep food fresh.
Photo of a rolling pin
A rolling pin is a long cylindrical tool, usually made of wood, which usually has a handle on each end to grip onto. Rolling pins are used for flattening out pastry into a smooth sheet the same thickness all over, so it can be used as a pie casing or to cut cookies from.
Photo of a saucepan

Sis forSaucepan

A saucepan, also just called a pot, is a metal vessel that is used for cooking food in. It usually has one handle, and is about as wide as it is deep. It is most often used for boiling water in to cook pasta.
Photo of some kitchen scales.
Scales are a device used for measuring how heavy something is. There are many different types of scales. Originally scales were made to balance like a seesaw, and you put the thing you wanted weighed on one side and weights on the other side until it balanced out. Today, scales are often digital and need batteries to work. There are scales you stand on so you know how much you weigh, kitchen scales like in the picture so you can weigh food, and really big industrial scales to weigh trucks full of grain so it can be sold by weight.

Sis forSieve

A sieve is very similar to both a sifter and a colander. They have a handle, and a bowl-shaped part made from fine metal or plastic mesh. Sieves can be used to remove lumps from powders, sprinkle powders like icing sugar over food, or strain the liquid out of something.
Photo of a flour sifter

Sis forSifter

A sifter is a device designed to get any lumps out of powders like flour for cooking, or to mix different powders together. A sifter is very similar to a sieve but it has a handle on the side that turns some blades inside the sifter around to make the process of sifting the powders faster and easier.
Photo of skewers

Sis forSkewer

A skewer is a very large pin that is used to thread through food and hold it together for cooking. Skewers can be made from wood or metal. A skewer is also the name for the finished product of some food threaded onto a skewer.
Photo of a spice rack
A spice rack is a small set of shelves designed to keep small jars of herbs and spices organised, so you can easily see what spices you have available.

Sis forStove

A stove is a hot surface for cooking on, usually found inside a kitchen, near an oven. Stoves have places to put pots and pans, with different sized heat sources for small and large pans. Stoves can be heated by a wood fire, gas burners, or various types of elements powered by electricity.
Photo of a toaster

Tis forToaster

A toaster is something in your kitchen that is used for making toasted bread, called toast. Toasting involves heating the bread up until it gets darker and crispy.