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Photo of a saucepan.

List of kitchen items

Things you might find in a kitchen.

Kis forKitchen

A kitchen is a room in a house where you cook your meals. Some kitchens are big enough for a table and chairs so you can eat meals in your kitchen too.
Photo of ladles

Lis forLadle

A ladle is a large spoon that is used for serving soups and stews. It is easier and much less messy to use a ladle to get soup out of a large pot than to pick the pot up and pour it.
Photo of a microwave oven
A microwave oven, or just a microwave, is an appliance that heats food using microwave radiation. The microwaves heat the water inside the food, so food cooks very fast in a microwave oven. Microwave ovens cannot brown food like an ordinary oven can, and can't be used for cooking all kinds of food. Some microwaves are combination and also have some ordinary heating elements in them too.
A mortar and pestle are used together for grinding things down or mashing them into a paste. They are most often used for crushing or grinding herbs for cooking. The bowl-shaped part is the mortar, and the stick you use for grinding things is the pestle. Most mortar and pestles are made of stone, clay or heavy wood.
A nutcracker is a hand-held tool that is used to crack the shell of nuts. They can look either like a pair of scissors or like a V, where you put the nut inside the point of the V and squeeze to break the nut's shell.

Ois forOven

An oven is a container that is made very hot by fire or some other heat source. More modern ovens have a door that closes tight and a very evenly regulated temperature. Ovens are used to cook food, most commonly baked goods like bread and pies and to roast meat or vegetables.
Photo of redcurrants in a pan

Pis forPan

A pan is a metal container that usually has a flat bottom and reasonably straight sides. Pans may or may not have handles. Shallow pans are called frying pans, and deeper pans are called saucepans.
Photo of a full pantry

Pis forPantry

A pantry is a large cupboard in your kitchen where you store food. You only keep food in your pantry that does not need to be kept cold in a refrigerator.
Photo of a vegetable peeler.

Pis forPeeler

A peeler is a device used for removing the outside layer, or peel, of fruit and vegetables. There are many different designs of peeler available. Most have a handle and a double-sided blade that can flex.
Photo of a plastic wrapped sandwich
Plastic wrap, also known as Glad wrap, cling wrap, cling film, Saran wrap or Stretch-Tite, is a very thin film of plastic that comes on a roll. You use it to wrap up food to keep it fresh. Some kinds of plastic wrap come on very large rolls and are used to wrap up large things like pallets of bricks or newspaper to stop them from being damaged in transit. These kinds of plastic wrap aren't meant to be used on food.