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Photo of a submarine.

Words that rhyme with -een

List of words that end with a "een " sound

Aquamarine is a clear, pale blue variety of beryl. The blue colour is due to iron impurities.
Aventurine is a type of quartz which has impurities that make it green, translucent, and with a shimmering effect. Some types of aventurine are orange, brown, yellow, blue, or grey but the most common is green. Most of the world's green aventurine is found in India.
Photo of green beans

Bis forBean

Scientific name: family: fabaceae or leguminosae
The bean is the seed of the bean plant. It is eaten for food, with or without its pod, or grown to improve soil in a garden or farm. Beans are in the same family as peas. The picture is of some different coloured string beans, still in their pods.
Photo of a cat between two dogs

Bis forBetween

Something is between if it is in the space in the middle of two other things. The cat in the picture is eating dinner between two dogs.
Photo of a canteen

Cis forCanteen

A canteen is a type of bottle you carry with you on a hike. You drink from your canteen when you are thirsty.
Photo of citrine crystals

Cis forCitrine

Citrine is quartz containing iron impurities, which gives it a yellow colour. Amethyst will turn into citrine if it is heated.
Photo of clean wine glasses

Cis forClean

Something is clean if it has no dirt or marks to spoil its looks, and it is neat and tidy. The opposite of clean is messy or dirty.
Japanese cuisine.

Cis forCuisine

Cuisine describes food cooked in a certain way. Many countries have their own cuisine.
Photo of evergreentrees
A tree or shrub is called evergreen if it does not lose its leaves in autumn. Evergreen trees have green leaves all year around, and deciduous trees do not.

Fis forFigurine

A figurine is a small statue, usually of a person, that is used as an ornament. Figurines can be made out of wood, ceramic or many other materials.