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Photo of a nest.

Words that rhyme with -est

List of words that end with a "est " sound

Photo of prize winning cupcakes

Bis forBest

Something is best if nothing is better than it. When you win a competition, it means you are the best. The opposite of best is worst.
Photo of a pigeon's breast

Bis forBreast

Breast is another word for your chest, particularly when referring to meat from that part of a bird.
Bucharest is the capital of Romania. It has a population of around 2.2 million.
Photo of Budapest, Hungary

Bis forBudapest

Budapest is the capital of Hungary. It has a population of around 3.3 million.
Photo of a man's chest
Your chest is on the front of your body, below your neck and above your waist. Adult men usually grow hair on their chests. The top part of your body including your chest and back is called your torso.
Photo of a treasure chest
A chest is a type of box, usually made from wood with a hinged lid. Chests are typically used to store things that are valuable.
Photo of a crested bird

Cis forCrest

A crest is the highest part of something, or something on the top of something else. The bird in the picture has a crest of feathers on top of its head.
Photo of a girl dressed up

Dis forDressed

You are dressed if you are wearing clothes. You usually get dressed in a way that suits something, like you get dressed in a suit or gown to go to a wedding. The little girl in the picture is dressed to go out visiting.
You are embarrassed when you are made uncomfortable and self-conscious by something that happens. For example, you might get embarrassed when you make a mistake introducing yourself to someone you really like.
Photo of a forest

Fis forForest

A forest is a place with a lot of trees. Around ten percent of the land on the Earth's surface is covered by forest. Sometimes people use forest to just mean a group of trees.