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Photo of bread

Words that rhyme with -ed

List of words that end with a "ed " sound

An agitated swan

Ais forAgitated

When someone is agitated, they show in their behaviour that they are anxious, upset and nervous.
Photo of a road sign that says road work ahead

Ais forAhead

Something is ahead of you if it is in front, or perhaps in the future. For example, "you are getting too far ahead of me" or "my schedule is running ahead of time".

Bis forBed

A bed is a soft, comfortable place you sleep at night. Beds usually have a pillow to rest your head on, and sheets and blankets to keep you warm.
A beheaded toy.

Bis forBehead

Behead means to remove the head from something or someone. If you take the head off of a doll, you have beheaded it.
Photo of a bleeding knee

Bis forBled

Bled is the past tense of bleed, for example "our dog bled on the carpet".
Photo of sliced bread

Bis forBread

Bread is a kind of food that is baked in the oven. Bread is usually sold sliced, and you use the slices of bread to make sandwiches.

Bis forBred

Bred is the past tense of breed. It is usually used to talk about animals who have been bred to look or behave a certain way, as in "this horse was bred to run fast".
Photo of someone with some complicated machinery
Something is complicated if it has a large number of interconnected parts or is difficult to understand. The person in the picture is looking at some complicated machinery.
Photo of corroded rails

Cis forCorroded

Something is corroded if it is showing damage from being slowly eaten away. Many metals become corroded over time by a slow chemical reaction. Iron becomes rusted as it corrodes.
Something is corrugated if it has been bent or folded into evenly spaced ridges. Two things that are commonly corrugated are iron sheets and cardboard.