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Photo of a fishing rod

Words that rhyme with -odd

List of words that end with a "odd " sound

Photo of a cod

Cis forCod

Scientific name: genus: gadus
Cod is the common name for a number of related fish. Cod eat sea snails, starfish, smaller fish and other sea creatures. Cod are caught for food, and their livers are used to make cod liver oil, which is rich in vitamin A, D and E.
Photo of a fishing rod
A fishing rod, or fishing pole, is a tool used to catch fish. It uses a weighted line with a baited hook. When fish eat the bait they get caught by the hook, and the fisher reels them in using the handle you can see in the picture. Fishing rods are usually used by people who fish for sport or as a hobby, commercial fishing is done using nets.

Iis foriPod

An iPod is a portable digital music player. iPods are made by Apple.

Ois forOdd

Something is odd if it is different to usual, or is a bit strange. In a group of things, something that is different is called the odd one out. The man in the picture is wearing odd socks. Mathematically, a number is odd if it is not a multiple of two.
Photo of a pod of dolphins
A group of dolphins, whales or sometimes seals is called a pod. You may also be looking for a pea pod instead.
Photo of peas in pods
A pod is a long, thin seed casing found on plants like peas and beans. Pods are made from two halves joined together, and when the seeds inside are ripe they split open. The pods of many kinds of peas and bean can be eaten along with the seeds inside if they are picked early enough.
Photo of reinforcing rods

Ris forRod

A rod is a relatively long, thin, straight object, very similar to a stick. Rods can be made from metal, plastic or wood. They can be used for a wide variety of things, such as fishing rods, magic wands, staffs and curtain rods. The rods in the picture are steel reinforcing rods.
Photo of a foot treading

Tis forTrod

Trod is the past tense of tread, for example "he trod in some dog poo".
Photo of a kitten and a wad of paper

Wis forWad

A wad is a lump or ball of something. The kitten in the picture is playing with a wad of paper.