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Photo of a skunk.

Words that rhyme with -unk

List of words that end with a "unk " sound

Cis forChipmunk

Scientific name: genus: tamias
A chipmunk is a small rodent that is very similar to the squirrel. They will eat nuts, berries, frogs and even baby mice.
Photo of someone dunking a cookie into coffee

Dis forDunk

You dunk something when you quickly put it into some liquid and take it out again. The person in the picture is dunking a cookie into their coffee.

Jis forJunk

Junk is anything that is considered worthless or with a very low value. What some people consider junk other people may not.
Photo of a Buddhist monk

Mis forMonk

A monk is a man who lives a strict religious life, usually as a member of a religious or monastic group.

Sis forSkunk

Scientific name: family mephitidae
Skunks are medium sized animals best known for their ability to make a really bad smell. They can squirt their stinky substance several feet with great accuracy. The smell is bad enough to scare even a bear away, and a person can smell it from a mile away. The smell is almost impossible to wash out of anything it has touched. Skunks sleep during the day and night and come out at dawn and dusk to look for food. Skunks eat insects, mice, small lizards, salamanders, frogs, snakes, birds, moles, and eggs. They also eat berries, roots, leaves, grasses, mushrooms, and nuts. There is some debate about whether skunks are related to weasels or if they are alone in their own family.
Photo of a sunken ship
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Sis forSunk

Sunk is the past tense of sink. For example, "the ship sunk to the bottom of the ocean".
Photo of the trunk of a tree
A tree's trunk is the main supporting structure of the tree. Tree trunks are covered with bark and branches grow out from the sides of the tree's trunk. As the tree gets older its trunk gets thicker. Wood for making furniture or houses out of is cut from the trunk of a tree.
Photo of a car trunk
A car's trunk, also called a boot in British English, is the space at the back of the car used to carry things like luggage. Older cars used to have an actual trunk at the back, which is why a car's trunk has the name it does.
Photo of an elephant's trunk
A trunk is an adaptation of an elephant's nose and top lip, fused together. Elephants have very long trunks, and use them as a tool. They can use them to pick up tiny objects, to break down trees, to drink with, and to spray themselves with water or mud.
Photo of a trunk
A trunk, also called a chest, blanket box or toy box depending on what it is used for, is a large box usually made out of wood that is used for storing things in. The most famous version of the trunk is the treasure chest, infamously used by pirates to bury their treasure in. The reason a car trunk has the name it does is because early cars used to have an actual trunk on the back, which gradually evolved to the trunk we know today.