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Photo of a cross

Religious terms

Anything relating to the major religions of the world.

Photo of an altar

Ais forAltar

An altar is a sacred place, often inside a church or shrine, where religious ceremonies take place.
Photo of a statue of Buddah

Bis forBuddhism

Buddhism is a religion that started in India somewhere between the 6th and 4th centuries BC. Buddhism was founded by a man called Siddhartha Gautama, or Buddha. Buddhists can be found mainly in south-east Asia in countries like China, Burma, Japan and Tibet. Buddhists believe that you can end the suffering of life by eliminating ignorance, craving, hatred, and reaching a higher level of understanding. Once you have embraced the ideals of the Buddhist religion, you will reach the highest state of happiness, nirvana.
Photo of a Buddhist monk

Bis forBuddhist

Someone is Buddhist if their religion is Buddhism.
A cathedral is a very large and elaborate church.

Cis forChurch

A church is a special building where people go to pray to their God.

Cis forCross

A cross is a shape made by crossing two straight lines. Crosses are often built out of two pieces of wood nailed together. The Christian cross usually seen on top of churches has the horizontal part of the cross much shorter than the vertical part.

Cis forCrucifix

A crucifix is a cross with an image of Jesus crucified on it.
Photo of a statue of a God.

Dis forDeity

A deity is a divine creature that is worshipped as part of a religion. Deities are usually ascribed special powers.
Photo of heaven

His forHeaven

Heaven is a place where God and angels live, and is said to be where people who have led a good and righteous life go when they die.

His forHell

In some religions such as Christianity, Hell is a place that people who have been bad during their lives are believed to go when they die.