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Photo of a piano

Words that rhyme with -no

List of words that end with a "no " sound

Photo of an albino squirrel

Ais forAlbino

An animal is albino if it is missing the brown pigment in their skin and hair that would otherwise make them a normal color. Albino animals are usually pure white with pink or pale blue eyes. Albino animals don't usually live very long in the wild as they do not camouflage very well. Albino and white animals are also prone to sunburn. Albino rabbits are very common as pets. The albino in the picture is a squirrel.
Photo of a cappuccino
A cappuccino is an Italian drink. It is made from an espresso coffee, the same amount of hot milk added to the coffee and then topped with frothed milk. The froth is often decorated with ground chocolate.

Cis forCasino

A casino is a place where people go to gamble.
Photo of dominos

Dis forDominos

Dominos is a game played with a set of pieces, with each piece having a number printed at each end. The numbers are made with spots, like on the sides of dice. The most common game played with domino pieces is where each person gets a number of the pieces, and then try and place them against another piece where the numbers on their piece matches the numbers on a piece already placed. The person who puts all their pieces down first wins.

Nis forNo

No is a word with a negative meaning. It might mean you do not want something, or that there is none of something. For example "No, I don't want to wear that dress" or "there are no ducks at the pond today". The opposite of no is yes.
Photo of oregano

Ois forOregano

Scientific name: origanum vulgare
Oragano is a herb often used in Greek, Spanish and Italian cooking. It comes from the Mediterranean region. Oregano is very commonly used on pizza.
Photo of a palomino horse

Pis forPalomino

A palomino horse has a gold coat and a white mane and tail.
Photo of a piano

Pis forPiano

A piano is a musical instrument that you play with a keyboard. When you press a key on the keyboard, a small felt-covered hammer hits a string inside the piano, which makes a musical note. Pianos are used to make all kinds of music, and are very useful for learning music and composing.
Photo of a Renault badge

Ris forRenault

Renault is a French car maker that also makes trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles.