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Photo of a car.

Words that rhyme with -ar

List of words that end with a "ar " sound

Ais forAjar

A door is ajar if it has been left partly open. The door in the picture is ajar.
An outdoor Bazaar in Hyderabad, India

Bis forBazaar

A bazaar is a market or shopping center where a variety of goods such as food and clothing are for sale. Many bazaars are located outdoors.
Binoculars, also called field glasses, are a special kind of glasses that function like two small telescopes, one for each eye. They let you see things in the distance as if they are much closer. Binoculars are smaller and easier to use than a telescope, and are more pleasant to use as you do not need to close one eye to look through binoculars.
Photo of something bizarre

Bis forBizarre

Something is bizarre if it is strikingly odd in appearance or effect.

Bis forBleat

Bleating is the noise sheep make. People also say that sheep go baa or maa.

Bis forBra

A bra, short for brassiere, is an undergarment worn by women to cover and support their breasts.
Photo of a budgerigar
Scientific name: melopsittacus undulatus
A budgerigar, or budgie for short, is a very small parrot that many people keep as pets. They are very friendly, and like most parrots they can be taught to talk. Budgerigars are originally from central Australia, and were once only green and yellow. All the other colors have been created by people selectively breeding them.

Cis forCar

A car is a vehicle that is usually meant to carry between two and five people. Some cars can go very fast and are used in races, but most cars are just used by people to get to and from work, shopping or school.
Photo of caviar.

Cis forCaviar

Caviar is the unfertilised eggs, or roe of the sturgeon fish. Roe of other fish can also be called caviar, but are usually cheaper and not considered as much as a delicacy. Caviar is usually eaten as a garnish or a spread.
Photo of charred peppers

Cis forChar

You char something by burning it slightly, so it becomes charred.