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Photo of ivy

Words that rhyme with -vee

List of words that end with a "vee " sound

Photo of anchovies

Ais forAnchovy

Scientific name: family: engraulidae
Anchovies are small, oily fish that are usually preserved in brine and matured. This process gives them a very strong flavour. Anchovies are used on pizza, on Caesar salad and as an ingredient in numerous other dishes. They are one of the main ingredients of Worcestershire Sauce.

Bis forBevy

A group of quail is called a bevy or a covey.
Photo of an envious bridesmaid

Eis forEnvy

Envy is being resentful of something that someone else has. Sometimes, people who are envious will wish the other person doesn't have the coveted item either. Envy is one of the seven deadly sins.

Gis forGravy

Gravy is a thick sauce, usually brown that is typically served with meat. Gravy is usually served with roast meat, and contains juices from the meat itself. Today you can buy many pre-made gravies and gravy powders so you can have gravy with anything, without needing meat juices to make it. Sometimes food is cooked in gravy or makes a gravy as it is cooking, like a stew.
Photo of a woman carrying a heavy load

His forHeavy

Something is heavy if it weighs a lot and is difficult to carry. You need to be strong to carry something that is heavy. The woman in the picture is carrying some heavy boxes.

Iis forIvy

Scientific name: hedera helix
Ivy is a creeping plant that is commonly found climbing up the side of buildings or trees. Ivy is evergreen - there are other plants that people call ivy that are not ivy, and you can tell because they are deciduous.
Photo of a movie on tv.

Mis forMovie

A movie is a story told with moving pictures on a big screen or a TV.
Photo of navy vessels

Nis forNavy

A Navy is the armed forces of a country that operates on water, such as on the ocean.
Photo of poison ivy
Scientific name: toxicodendron radicans
Poison ivy is a vine that grows throughout North America. It is not a true ivy. Poison ivy contains urushiol, a type of oil that causes an itchy rash in most people.