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Photo of a chess game.

Words that rhyme with -ess

List of words that end with a "ess " sound

Ais forActress

An actress is a female actor. Actresses may be seen on stage, on television or in movies.
Photo of an addressed parcel

Ais forAddress

An address is a written representation of where someone lives or works, so you can send them mail and know it will reach them.
Photo of buttresses

Bis forButtress

A buttress is a structure built against a wall, at right angles to it, that thickens and supports the wall. They were commonly used when building large churches. The flying buttress is a type of buttress set away from the wall it supports, supporting the wall by an arch between it and the wall.
Photo of some people playing chess outside

Cis forChess

Chess is a game for two people, using a chequered board and pieces of two different colours. There are rules for how far and which way the different chess pieces can move. The object of the game is to capture or check your opponent's king.

Cis forCress

Scientific name: lepidium sativum
Cress is a herb with a very sharp, peppery taste that is very easy to grow. It is related to mustard. Cress can be grown inside by sprinkling the seeds over some damp potting soil and left on a window ledge. Cress can be harvested simply by cutting the plants off with scissors when they have a few leaves. Cress is very tasty on salads, or in egg and cress sandwiches.

Cis forCypress

Scientific name: family: cupressaceae
Cypress are a group of conifers. Most cypress are trees, but some are low growing shrubs. Many varieties of cypress have a distinctively flared trunk, narrowing as it goes higher. Not to be confused with Cyprus.

Cis forCyprus

Cyprus is an island country in the Mediterranean sea. The capital of Cyprus is Nicosia. People in Cyprus speak Greek and Turkish. Not to be confused with cypress.

Dis forDress

A dress is a piece of clothing that covers both the top and bottom parts of your body. They are like a top and a skirt joined together, and are usually made out of the one fabric for both the top and bottom part. Dresses are usually worn by girls and women.

Gis forGuess

You make a guess when you come to an answer without very much information, or even any information at all. For example, you might guess which hand someone is holding something in, or you might try and guess how many items are in a jar to win a prize.
Photo of a mattress

Mis forMattress

A mattress is a thick, soft object that is part of a bed. Mattresses are comfortable to lie on.