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Photo of a cage

Words that rhyme with -age

List of words that end with a "age " sound

Photo of a tenth birthday cake

Ais forAge

Age is a measure of how old something is. If you have just celebrated your tenth birthday, you are ten years of age, or ten years old.
Anchorage is the largest city in the state of Alaska in the United States of America. It has a population of 374,000 in the wider metropolitan area.
Photo of a bandaged cat

Bis forBandage

A bandage is a long, thin strip of fabric that you wrap around a part of your body that is hurt. You often see people who have a sprained ankle with a bandage wrapped around it.
Photo of a woman wearing beige

Bis forBeige

Beige is a word that can be used to describe any color ranging through cream, off-white to light brown. In general, it means a light greyish-brown. It is an extremely popular color to paint the walls inside houses. Beige can be another word for boring, as in "he has a beige personality".
Photo of a bird in a cage

Cis forCage

A cage is something you keep an animal or bird in so it can't get away. Pet birds are often kept in cages, like in the picture.
Photo of damaged tomatoes

Dis forDamage

Damage is some kind of harm that is caused to something else, which doesn't completely break or destroy it but does reduce its usefulness or value. The tomato in the picture has been damaged by birds.

Fis forFoliage

Foliage is all the leaves on a plant, or all leaves in an area in general. For example, "the autumn foliage is spectacular this year".
Photo of a garage

Gis forGarage

A garage is a place where you park your car and bikes. You can also store your toys, basket balls, garden tools, paint and anything else you have run out of room for in your house.
Photo of garbage

Gis forGarbage

Garbage is things that you don't need that have been thrown away. Another word for garbage is trash or rubbish.
Photo of an old pressure guage

Gis forGauge

A gauge is a device that gives you an exact measure of something. A gauge might tell you how much fuel is left in your car, or how much pressure is in a pipe.