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Photo of a yacht.

Words that rhyme with -ot

List of words that end with a "ot " sound

Photo of apricots

Ais forApricot

Scientific name: prunus armeniaca
The apricot is a small, soft, sweet orange fruit closely related to the plum. You can eat the fruit fresh or dried, and apricots can also be made into jam.
Your eyes are bloodshot if you can clearly see the blood vessels in them. You get bloodshot eyes when you are very tired, dehydrated, have conjunctivitis, or if your eyes have been damaged by something.
Photo of blots of paint

Bis forBlot

A blot is an uneven spot or stain. When you say blot, you usually mean a blot of ink on paper.
Photo of carrots

Cis forCarrot

Scientific name: daucus carota
The carrot is a bright orange edible root. Carrots are crunchy when you eat them raw. Carrots can be eaten on their own raw or cooked or used in soups, stews, cakes, puddings and in all manner of ways. They are a very common, widely-used vegetable.
Photo of Charlotte, North Carolina
Charlotte is the largest city in the state of North Carolina. It has a population of around 2.4 million.
Photo of curdled milk

Cis forClot

A clot is a soft lump, usually formed in a liquid. When you cut yourself, your blood clots so you stop bleeding. The picture is of clots forming in milk as it curdles.
Photo of some people setting up a cot

Cis forCot

A cot is a portable bed. A cot is also another word for a crib.

Dis forDots

Something is spotted if it has a pattern of small, round things all over it. Many animals are spotted. If the spots are perfectly round and even they are usually called dots. People will usually call animals covered in dots spotted and clothes covered in spots to be dotted.
Photo of some bundles of sticks

Fis forFaggot

A faggot is an old-fashioned term for a bundle of sticks.
Photo of flyswatters for sale.
A flyswatter, or just flyswat is a hand-held device used for squashing flies and other insects. They are usually made out of plastic, and are slightly flexible.