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Photo of a waterlily

Words that rhyme with -illy

List of words that end with a "illy " sound

Photo of the Chilean flag

Cis forChile

Chile is a country in South America. The capital of Chile is Santiago. People in Chile speak Spanish.
Photo of hot chilis

Cis forChili

Scientific name: capsicum annuum
The chili pepper, also spelt chilli, is a small fruit that ranges in colour from green to yellow to red, the most common. The chili is very hot, and when you eat one it feels like your mouth is burning. Chilis are in the same family as the capsicum (bell pepper).
Photo of a chilly day

Cis forChilly

The weather can be described as chilly if it is briskly cold but not too cold. Not to be confused with chili.

Dis forDili

Dili is the capital of East Timor, or Timor-Leste. It has a population of around 194,000.
Photo of a happy family.

Fis forFamily

The traditional family unit is a mother, a father and some children, living together. There are a lot of different variations today.
Photo of a filly

Fis forFilly

A filly is a young female horse.
Photo of a lily flower

Lis forLily

Scientific name: genus: lilium
Lilies are a common flower that grows from a bulb under the ground. Lilies lose their leaves in winter and regrow them when it is warmer. Lilies come in a variety of different colours, mostly orange and yellow.
Silly girl.

Sis forSilly

If you're being silly, you're acting funny or foolish instead of being serious.
Scientific name: family: nymphaeaceae
Water lilies are flowering plants that live in shallow water. They grow their roots in soil at the bottom of the water, and their leaves and flowers both float on top of the water.