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Photo of ice.

Words that rhyme with -ice

List of words that end with a "ice " sound

Ais forAdvice

Advice is a kind of communication where you give some kind of information. Advice often takes the form of giving some information about different choices to help someone make that choice.
Photo of a bird of paradise plant
Scientific name: strelitzia reginae
The bird of paradise is a large shrub native to Africa, also called the crane flower. They have very large leaves and a distinctive flower, and can grow to around 2-3 metres tall. They will tolerate both drought and mild frost.
Photo of diced vegetables
Dicing food is a way of chopping food up with a knife into cubes of roughly equal size. Cutting food up this way makes the food cook more evenly, and is also nice to look at.
Photo of red and white dice
A die, plural dice, is a small object that you roll as a way of getting a random number while playing a game. Dice usually have six sides numbered from one to six, but you can get dice with more sides too.
Photo of ice cubes.

Iis forIce

Ice is what happens to water when it is so cold that it freezes. You can see ice as snow in winter. Snow is just tiny bits of ice. In summer, people make their drinks cooler by putting ice in them.
Photo of head lice

Lis forLice

Lice is the plural of louse.
Photo of mice

Mis forMice

Mice is the plural of mouse. There are two mice in the picture.
Photo of a price tag

Pis forPrice

A price is the amount of money that is needed to buy something. You might buy goods, like the lantern in the picture, or you might buy services, like paying someone to mow your lawn. A price might not always be measured in money, but can also be measured in other goods and services.

Ris forRice

Scientific name: oryza sativa
Rice is the largest crop grown for food in the world. Most rice is grown in China and India. Rice is a type of grass that grows to about a metre high. Rice needs a lot of water to grow, and in countries like Australia that have a low rainfall people are calling for rice growing to stop. Rice is usually eaten cooked plain, but can be prepared in a lot of different ways and served with lots of different foods. Rice can even be puffed, a little like popcorn.
Photo of someone slicing pepperoni

Sis forSlice

You slice something up by cutting flat pieces off if with a knife. When you are taking many slices off something, you try and make them all the same thickness.