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Photo of the moon.

Words that rhyme with -oon

List of words that end with a "oon " sound

Afternoon is the time of day after midday or noon. Since people usually have lunch in the middle of the day, afternoon can be seen to be the time of day between lunch and dinner.
Photo of a baboon.

Bis forBaboon

Scientific name: genus: papio
There are lots of different kinds of baboon. They are a kind of monkey. They live in Africa, on the ground, not in trees. Baboons have long muzzles like dogs, tails, and male baboons often have a mane. Baboons eat mostly plants, fruit and insects, but will also eat fish and small animals.

Bis forBalloon

A ballon is a small rubber bag that you can fill up with air or helium. Balloons stretch, and can get quite big when they are blown up. Balloons you fill by blowing them up are very common at parties. Helium balloons go up if you let them go, and are fun to play with. Ordinary balloons go down if you let them go, not up.
Photo of a man playing a bassoon

Bis forBassoon

A bassoon is a woodwind instrument. It typically plays in the lower registers, with a warm, dark sound. It is typically played as part of an orchestra or a smaller group that plays classical music.
Cartoons on television

Cis forCartoon

A cartoon is a drawing or animation that is usually meant to be funny or entertaining.

Cis forCocoon

A cocoon is a place a caterpillar makes for itself. The caterpillar goes to sleep inside it for some time and then comes out as a butterfly.
Photo of sand dunes

Dis forDune

A sand dune is a small hill made entirely of sand that has been formed by wind blowing the sand around. Sand dunes are usually found in the desert or near the beach.
Photo of a harpoon

His forHarpoon

A harpoon is a type of spear that has a rope attached to the end and barbs on the point. When it is fired or thrown, the barbs make it stick into the target, and you use the rope to pull it back in. Harpoons are most often used for hunting whales.
Photo of a hot air balloon.
A hot air balloon is a huge balloon that is filled with hot air. The air is made hot by a burner at the base of the balloon, and it flies because hot air is lighter than cold air, so it rises. Hot air balloons can carry a lot of people in a basket hanging from underneath them.

Jis forJune

June is the sixth month of the year. It has 30 days. The next month of the year is July. In the northern hemisphere June is part of summer, and in the southern hemisphere it is part of winter.