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Photo of a bell

Words that rhyme with -ell

List of words that end with a "ell " sound

Photo of a statue of an angel

Ais forAngel

An angel is a messenger from a divine being. They are usually drawn as a person with wings. The picture is a statue of an angel.
Photo of a church bell

Bis forBell

A bell is a metal object with a distinctive shape. They usually hang with the open end pointing downwards. Bells ring when the clapper inside hits the side of the bell when the bell is moved. Some bells don't have a clapper, and are rung by hitting them with a special hammer. The bell in the picture is a big church bell, and there is an owl sitting just above it.
Photo of cubes of caramel

Cis forCaramel

Caramel is a word for a mid-brown colour as well as a food. Caramel is made by heating sugar until it melts and changes colour. Caramel has a disctinctive flavour and is used in a lot of desserts like puddings and cakes, and is also used in lots of sweets and candies.

Cis forCarousel

A carousel, also called a merry go round or a roundabout, is a fair ride for children. It has a lot of colored wooden horses on it - and sometimes cars or other animals too - that you can sit on, and then the horses go round and around in a circle. Sometimes the horses go up and down too.
Photo of cells

Cis forCell

A cell is the building block of life. All living organisms are made up of cells. The simplest organisms, like bacteria only have one cell, while larger creatures like trees and animals are made up of millions of cells. Different types of cell in your body do different things. For example, there are special cells that make your bones and your brain that aren't very much alike, but are both types of cells.
Photo of a doorbell

Dis forDoorbell

A doorbell is a device usually on the front door of a house that makes a sound when you press a button. People have doorbells so they can hear if someone is at their door, as a doorbell is often louder than a knock. Something similar to a doorbell is a doorknocker.
Photo of an English cocker spaniel
Cocker spaniels are a medium-sized dog that come in several colours, the most familiar being the golden cocker in the picture. They are a happy, loyal, affectionate dog that makes a good pet. They do not like being left alone.
Photo of a man falling off a building

Fis forFell

Fell is the past tense of fall.
Photo of Thompson's gazelles

Gis forGazelle

Scientific name: genus: gazella
A gazelle is a type of antelope that lives in the grasslands of Africa. They live in large herds and can run very fast to get away from predators like cheetahs.
Photo of hair gel

Gis forGel

A gel is a type of solid that has some liquid properties too. Gels keep their shape like solids, but with enough time will flow like a liquid. A lot of common items are gels, like hair gel, toothpaste, jello, soft contact lenses and breast implants.