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Photo of dolls.

Words that rhyme with -oll

List of words that end with a "oll " sound

Photo of some old dolls

Dis forDoll

Dolls are models of people that are meant to be played with. Most dolls are of girls or babies, but there are boy dolls too. Dolls can be made of plastic or porcelain, and usually have hair you can brush and style, and clothes that you can put on them.
Trees atop a knoll.

Kis forKnoll

A knoll is a small hill.
Photo of a parasol

Pis forParasol

A parasol is a kind of smaller umbrella that is designed to keep off the sun rather than the rain.
Photo of gasoline bowsers

Pis forPetrol

Petrol is another word for gasoline.
Photo of a poll

Pis forPoll

A poll is a survey or questionnaire about a subject that is given to people in order to assess their opinion about the subject. Polls can be about anything as long as there's a question and a variety of responses to choose from.
Photo of a spotted quoll

Qis forQuoll

Scientific name: genus: dasyurus
Quolls are carniverous marsupials found in Australia and Papua New Guinea. Like all marsupials, they have a pouch where their young stay. A quoll's pouch faces backwards.
A remote control is a device that makes other devices work without having to get up and press the buttons on them. You can change the channel on your television with a remote control. Remote controls work by sending a signal in a beam of invisible light to the device they control. The device has a sensor on it so it can 'see' that light. This is why remote controls work best when there is nothing in between the remote control and the thing you are trying to control.
Photo of Russian dolls.
Russian nesting dolls, also known as matryoshka dolls or babushka dolls, are small wooden dolls that fit inside each other. Russian dolls can also depict animals.
Photo of two people on a stroll

Sis forStroll

A stroll is a slow, leisurely walk. The people in the picture are taking a stroll through a park.
Photo of a warning sign.

Sis forSymbol

A symbol is a kind of picture that means something. Symbols are often used on signs, where they can express a lot of information that you can understand quicker and easier than writing.