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Words starting with H

Words that start with H

Horrible hippos hunt huge hairy hamsters in Hobart.

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Photo of a hallucination
A hallucination is seeing something that is not there, whether it is strange colors around the edges of things or objects and people that are not there at all. People sometimes get hallucinations when they have a migraine or when they take drugs. A hallucination is not the same as a mirage.
Photo of a hallway

His forHallway

A hallway is a corridor in a house, usually in the center of the house with rooms opening off it on either side.

His forHalo

A halo is a ring of light around something. Religious figures and angels are often drawn with a halo around their heads.
Photo of a grapefruit cut in half

His forHalve

When you break something into two roughly equal-sized pieces, you halve it.

His forHam

Ham is a type of preserved pig meat. In Italy it is called prosciutto. Ham is usually sold sliced, for people to use in sandwiches. At Christmas you can often buy ham on the bone to slice up yourself for Christmas dinner. Ham and pineapple pizza is a very common food with ham in it.
A hamburger is a type of sandwich made on a thick, round bread bun. The main ingredient of a hamburger is usually a meat patty, with cheese, lettuce, tomato and sometimes fried eggs.
Photo of a hammer.

His forHammer

A hammer is a tool for hitting things. Hammers are usually used for driving nails into wood. The claw on the back of the hammer can be used for pulling nails out of things.
Photo of a hammock between two trees.

His forHammock

A hammock is a kind of bed that is hung between two supports. The hammock in the picture is hung between two trees.
Photo of a picnic hamper

His forHamper

A hamper is a type of basket, usually with a lid, for storing things in. The picture is of a picnic hamper. Another kind of common hamper is a laundry hamper, for putting dirty clothes in. Hamper might also mean to hinder.

His forHamster

Scientific name: mesocricetus auratus
Hamsters are a small rodent that is often kept as a pet. Hamsters are originally from Syria. They have a large fur-lined pouch on either side of their face that goes all the way to their shoulders that they can fill with food. In the wild, they usually eat seeds and nuts.