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Words starting with H

Words that start with H

Horrible hippos hunt huge hairy hamsters in Hobart.

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Photo of a pair of hands.
Your hand is on the end of your arm. You use your hands to hold things. Your hands have four fingers and a thumb.
Photo of bananas
A bunch of bananas is also called a hand.
Photo of a red handbag

His forHandbag

A handbag is a container with one or more handles that a woman carries around with her. Most handbags have things like money, lipstick and a mobile phone in them. In some countries, a handbag is also known as a purse.
Photo of someone wearing handcuffs
Handcuffs are used by police officers to restrain people who have done or are suspected of having done bad things. Handcuffs are made from strong metal, and lock around your wrists so you cannot get your hands apart.
A handkerchief is a small piece of fabric that people use for wiping their nose or other parts of their face.
Photo of an old door handle

His forHandle

A handle is something that is designed for you to hold onto with your hand. Doors have handles so you can open them, and suitcases have handles so you can pick them up easily. Another word for a door handle is a doorknob.
Photo of a handmade caterpillar

His forHandmade

Something is handmade if it isn't mass-produced by a machine, but is a unique piece made by hand.

His forHandsome

Someone is handsome if they appear attractive, healthy and strong. Handsome is a term most commonly applied to men, but can also be used to describe animals and women.
Photo of a hanging wind chime

His forHang

Something is hanging if it is attached to something at the top but can swing freely under it. You hang out laundry using pegs to attach them, and bats hang upside down by their feet when they sleep. If something is hanging very loosely and is wobbling around, it is usually called dangling.
Photo of a hangglider
Hang gliding is a sport where people glide through the air hanging from a set of light fabric wings. Hang gliders are usually launched off high, windy places like cliffs.