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Words starting with H

Words that start with H

Horrible hippos hunt huge hairy hamsters in Hobart.

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Photo of Siberian huskies

His forHusky

Huskies are a kind of dog that has been bred to pull sleds over snow. They are from Siberia, and have a very thick coat to keep out the cold.
Photo of beach huts

His forHut

A hut, sometimes called a shack, is a very small, very simple house. They are often found along beaches.
Photo of a rabbit hutch

His forHutch

A hutch is a cage or coop for small animals. Pet rabbits and guinea pigs are generally kept in hutches.
Scientific name: hydrangea macrophylla
Hydrangeas are a flowering plant from Southeast Asia. They grow big bundles of flowers and look very nice put in a vase. Some types of hydrangea change colour depending on how acid the soil is. They grow blue flowers in acidic soil, white or pale cream flowers in neutral soil and pink or purple flowers in alkaline soils.
Photo of a hyena

His forHyena

Scientific name: family: hyaenidae
Hyenas look a little like dogs but are not related - they are actually very very distantly related to mongooses. Hyenas have very strong teeth and jaws and can crush bones. Their back legs are shorter than their front legs, so they walk a little like a bear does. Hyenas live in arid regions in Africa. They hunt larger animals for food, but will also eat dead animals that they find. Hyenas hunt in groups.

His forHygiene

Hygiene means keeping yourself and the place you live and work clean so you stay healthy. Basic personal hygiene would include having a shower and brushing your teeth every day, and making sure that your clothes and bed linen is clean too.
Photo of women singing hymns

His forHymn

A hymn is a special kind of song that is sung about or in praise of a deity or a country.
You hypnotize someone by putting them into a state where you have strong influence or even full control over them.
Photo of a Hyundai badge

His forHyundai

Hyundai is a car maker based in South Korea.