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Words starting with L

Words that start with L

Loud leopards leap from limb to limb in Louisiana.

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Photo of a duck landing

Lis forLanding

Something lands when it comes down from flying in the air and alights on the ground, or on water or similar. When you land, it is called a landing, for example "Look at the pilot landing her plane".
Photo of a landmine

Lis forLandmine

Landmines are explosive devices that are triggered when someone stands on them or a vehicle drives on them. An area that is studded with landmines is called a minefield. The mines are usually buried just under the ground so that people can't see them. They are used to keep people from going through an area during a war. The problem with landmines is, after a war is over there may be thousands of landmines still left in the ground, and noone knows exactly where they are. So they kill people when they go to start a farm, or children who are exploring. Even the process of removing them is extremely dangerous as they can explode at the slightest touch.
Photo of a landscape painting
A landscape is a wide view of scenery that is generally farmland or wilderness, not a cityscape. Paintings of landscapes are generally done with the paper or canvas wider than it is tall, which has given rise to the name landscape for any paper in the same format. The opposite of landscape is portrait.
Photo of a lane

Lis forLane

A lane is a narrow street. Sometimes lanes run behind houses and there are only back doors opening onto the lane, not front doors.

Lis forLantana

Scientific name: lantana camara
Lantana, also called ham n eggs or bacon n eggs, is a pretty flowering plant from the tropical areas of America and Africa. It is grown for its flowers as a garden plant. In some parts of the world it has spread into the wild and is considered a pest. Lantana has flowers in lots of colours, mostly reds and oranges, but also comes in whites and blues.
Photo of a lantern

Lis forLantern

A lantern is a protective or decorative case for a light of some kind, often a candle or oil lamp. Lanterns can be made of glass and metal like in the picture, or made of paper in interesting shapes.
Photo of a boy with a cat on his lap

Lis forLap

Your lap is a place that only exists when you sit down. It is the place on the top of your thighs when you have your knees lifted up. The boy in the photo has a cat on his lap. A lap is also a full circuit of something - for example, you may run a lap around the school oval.
Photo of jacket lapels

Lis forLapel

Lapels are the folded parts of the collar of a jacket that sit on the front of the jacket. Lapels are often used to pin flowers or other decorations to.
Photo of a lapis lazuli pendant.
Lapis lazuli is a semi-precious stone that has a deep blue colour. It is not a single mineral like most gemstones, but a composite rock that often has patterns of other colours through it, like marble. It polishes very well and is used for jewelry as well as in mosaics or other decorative finishes on buildings.
Photo of a man using a laptop

Lis forLaptop

Laptops are small, portable computers that you can use on your lap (although many of them get too hot to use near your skin). They are handy for travelling with.