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Words starting with L

Words that start with L

Loud leopards leap from limb to limb in Louisiana.

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Lis forLair

A lair is a secret place where a person or animal can hide. Lairs are often underground.

Lis forLake

A lake is a very large amount of water, usually in a valley in the mountains. Some lakes form in a crater where a meteor has hit. Most lakes are fresh water, some lakes near the sea may be salt water. A very very small lake in a park or a backyard is called a pond.
Photo of a lamb

Lis forLamb

A lamb is a baby sheep.
Photo of lamb's ears
Scientific name: stachys byzantina
Lamb's ears is a soft, fluffy, silver-grey ground cover. It grows tall spikes of purple flowers in the spring. It is quite frost and drought tolerant. Lamb's ears is originally from the area around Turkey and Iran.
Photo of a Lamborghini badge
Lamborghini is a car manufacturer that is based in Italy.
Photo of a lamington
A lamington is a type of cake most often found in Australia. It is made from sponge cake cut into cubes, then dipped in chocolate, and then dipped in shredded coconut. Lamingtons are easy to make and are often made for fundraisers.
Photo of a lamp.

Lis forLamp

A lamp is a light that typically has a stand. Smaller lamps are usually put on small tables, and lamps with longer stands called floor lamps are put on the ground. Some lamps can be mounted to a wall. Lamps are most often seen inside, for decoration or for using as a small light source to read by.
Photo of a lamp post
A lamp post is a post with a light on the top. They are generally outside, so people can see their way around in the dark.
Photo of a knight wielding a lance

Lis forLance

A lance is a kind of spear designed to be held by riders on horseback. Lances were most often used in jousting.
Photo of land

Lis forLand

Land is any part of the world that isn't covered with water. The opposite of land is the sea. Land may also be used to describe the countryside or farming areas, as in "He works on the land". In this case, the opposite of the land is the city.